Brick vs. concrete blocks

Brick vs. concreteThe brick and concrete are both building materials with each possessing different and similar characteristics. Both materials are proof to fire, insects and are strong. If you want to build a new home or renovate the existing one, this article will look on different aspects between the two materials;


A basic brick has an insulation value of 0.2/sq inch. This is according to Inspectapedia.  Many homes which appear to be made of bricks are actually wood framed. They are brick sheathed so that they appear as if they are made of pure bricks.

A convectional concrete block which is about eight inch has an insulation value of 0.08/sq inch or 2.5 for the entire block. An insulated concrete can increase the insulation value to about 1.2/sq inch while the air entrained have values of up to 3.9 or more.


Both the brick and concrete are relatively strong materials. However the mortar quality which holds them together in a wall determines their strength. The required compressive strength of the concrete blocks used for building is 1900 pounds/sq inch which is the standard recommendation of the masonry council. An average concrete is supposed to withstand a force of 3500 psi. An average clay brick is supposed to withstand a force of 3000 psi.  Mortars having a lot of cement can be able to endure up to 2500 psi while those with much lime are weaker and can only be able to hold up to 350 psi.


Both materials are cheap and are readily available. A single clay brick costs around 1.5 dollars. An eight inch concrete block costs about 1.35 dollars. Labour is the one thing that makes the blocks to appear expensive. Compared to concrete blocks, traditional bricks require more skills to install and may be difficult to install on your own.


Both materials are heavy to transport. However, the weight depends on the type and the material of construction. Averagely, a clay brick can weigh about 5 pounds. A concrete which is an eight inch will weigh about 43 pounds. A lightweight concrete block weighs twenty percent less than the eight inch block. Please check areas where concrete floors are mostly used and the designs options can be a useful article to learn further.