BAC/ADC Golf Outing & Fundraiser

Some images from the BAC/ADC annual golf benefit. Over 25,000 dollars was raised to the Diabetes Research Institute. In addition, three $4,000 scholarships were awarded.

This year there were over one-hundred participants and thanks to the generosity of this event the BAC/ADC of NJ has donated over $285,000 dollars towards the cure for diabetes. The event is also helped the Joesph P. DiRenzo Scholarhip Program to donated in excess of $110,000 dollars to BAC member families.

2015 BAC/ADC Golf Outing
Director Rich Tolson Awarding $25,500 for Diabetes Research




Scholarship Recipient Images $4,000 Awarded to Each Recipient (See below for more information on becoming a scholarship recipient)

Mr. Ryan Stauffer son of BAC Local #4 member William Stauffer receives his Joseph P. Direnzo Scholarship.
(L to R) Sec-Treas John Capo, Director Rich Tolson, Congressman Donald Norcross and the sons of our scholarship namesake Joseph DiRenzo Jr. and Anthony DiRenzo.

Miss Cheyenne Robinson daughter of BAC Local #4 member Darris Robinson, receives her Joseph P. DiRenzo Scholarship.

BAC Local #4 Recording Secretary Ronald Green accepting on behalf of Miss Paige Durrant, who could not be with us.
Paige is the daughter of BAC Local 4 member Brad Durrant, who passed away last year.

2016 will be the eleventh year the BAC/ADC of NJ will be offering the Joseph P. DiRenzo Memorial Scholarship Competition. The scholarship awards selected union member families a $3000 scholarship towards higher education costs. Information on applying for this and other opportunities is open to BAC members.
If you would like information on how to apply please reach out to your local. In addition as the scholarship information is solidified for the year it will be posted here on this site as it was earlier this year.

The BAC/ADC of NJ is proud to support our youth as they further their education! Congratulations to all new and past recipients.



Training Centers are OPEN for YOU!

The training centers have a new tool Training Center Status Indicatorto assist anyone attending a classes at either center. In the event the centers need to close due to weather or other emergency, members can now visit a web portal specific to each center to see the building status indicator in the form of a traffic light.

We know some of you travel great distances and this tool will help keep you informed.


The page is mobile friendly so it will easily adapt to a smart phone or tablet. It can be checked from any internet connected device.


The messages can be any of the following status: Open, Delayed Opening, Tentative (Check Back), Closed

In addition to the status light, a tailored message can be added to indicate a delayed opening or any other special information that the centers need to relay. We hope you bookmark the page for your center just in case you ever need it!


Each location has it own status page:

- Local 4 NJ is

- Local 5 NJ is



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